Since 2000, with the direction of the construction sector manager and project managers, we have been carrying out as general contractors the implementation of total sewage purification plants.

This involves:

  • municipal engineering and special sub-contractor’s works
  • total mechanical service
  • electrical works (power current and control engineering).

Civil engineering and sub-contractor's works

Involving sub-contractors, under our own direction:

  • foundation works
  • concrete engineering structures, canals
  • superstructures, operator`s rooms
  • courtile conduits, channelling
  • earthworks

Mechanical service

  • Complete conduit service using stainless steel, carbon steel or plastic, together with fittings, pipe connections, and frameworks.
  • The building-in of the mechanical equipment produced by our company or purchased from other suppliers.
  • AVM Ltd. carries out the installation, putting into service, service and repair under-warranty and post-warranty, of the following equipment distributed by the Okotechnik Trading and Service Ltd.

  • ROBUSCHI blowers
  • FPZ by-washed blowers
  • complete aerating systems
  • SATTLER biogas tank, biogas collection and utilising systems
  • nstallation, putting into service, service and repair under-warranty and post-warranty of PIERALISI sludge water separator centrifuges
Electrical works

By self-execution or involving sub-contractors:

  • in-plant cabling, control mountings
  • electrical connection of mechanical equipment, power current and control engineering cabling
  • design and execution of PLC and PC automatics

The on-site servicing of the structures, machines and equipment produced by us is carried out professionally and rapidly by our highly experienced staff.