The jet cutter equipment is designed to cut stainless steel, carbon steel, plastic, aluminum , and other coloured metals, ceramics, glass, and various rocks (granite, marble, cast stones, etc..).

High pressure Ingersoll-Rand type pump is capable to cut almost any type of 100-140 mm thick material, at 3800 bar pressure, with 3 liter/minute water out-put, 22 KW capacity, integrated diamond cutting head, 0,8 mm cutting width, without heat generation, based on pre-planned cutting sample with the precision meeting the laser cutters. Moreover, it has the benefits of the MESSER type coordinate plate and the energy-absorbing tray of 6000 x 2000 mm, which is able to process the same size of raw material..

Upon commission based orders we provide CNC controlled jet cutting of any type of material, for which we prepare the most raw material saving cutting plan using Saps PROW software.

Then the tast-screen controlled cutting plan is placed into the BURNY 10 pentium based CNC control system. The control system runs a modeling of the cutting plan, and if necessary it makes the correction of the placement of the board.

The Autoline abrasive cutting head uses the mixture of water and fine abrasive sand for cutting. The abrasive material transporting system consist of a tank, which is fed from the top. App. 2 bar air pressure is enough for the abrasive material to be transferred through a flexible tube to the feeder system near to the cutting head.