An important element of AVM Ltd’s quality control strategy, is the Quality Policy, the realisation of which guarantees that the trust of our customers shall be gained and maintained, and by which the long-term survival of our company is assured. We declare our commitment to the continuous improvement of the quality of our design, production, and technical servicing activity in the sewage purification plants, and we consider this commitment a defining element of our activity. By the development of the quality control system, our aim is to carry out our design, production and technical servicing activity according to the requirements of both the customer and quality control, as well as in accordance with the legal regulations and standard demands.

Our company’s mission:

  • To provide design, production and service for our Customers, meeting stringent high quality requirements, thereby satisfying our Customers’ demands and expectations.
  • To require from our employees, while carrying out our activity, the compliance with the relevant legal regulations, norms, official orders of authority, and internal regulations.
  • To apply such servicing systems, materials, components and products as may ensure in the industrial plants of the company clients, the minimalisation of the environmental load.
  • To continually monitor the technological development of production and technical service, as well as the development of quality control instruments, and the opportunities for adapting modern technologies and specialised knowledge.
  • To develop our company’s effectiveness by applying the fundamental principles of quality control.
  • To make the ensuring of the Customers’ satisfaction the focal point of our activity, and subsequently to minimise complaints as much as possible.
  • To try to prevent mistakes during our work, and to put a strong emphasis on meeting deadlines.

The basic principle of our activity: the satisfaction of our Customers is our security.

We are conscious of the fact that only a continuously developing company is able to meet constantly growing demands. It is only our ability to adapt that can help us keep and enlarge the circle of our Customers.

In order to fulfil the above mentioned requirements, the management of AVM Ltd continuously improves its staff’s professional skills and specialised knowledge. The management of the company demands that the staff understands and accepts the above mentioned quality policy, and that they carry out their work according to it.

In order to realise our quality policy, and to constantly improve our activity, the company’s management sets quality targets, and ensures their realisation and regular evaluation.

Szolnok, 6th January 2003.


András Vad
Managing Director