The product group consists of standard type units. The technology and size-dependent structural units may vary.

Material of discharge screw: 1.4301 stainless steel, screw lining, SOLIDUR-plate in a thickness of 10 mm. The discharge screw can roll on rails (as shown by the illustration), can be positioned horizontally or stand on fixed legs, or it can be lifted (in order to compensate the level differences (in a certain degree) too.

Screw Length (L): 2-20 m

Revolution per Minute: 10-16 l/min

Power Requirement: 0,55-2,2 kW

Screw Diameter (Ø): 150-300 mm

Mode of Ordering:

UCS-  /
    Screw Length (m)
  Screw Diameter (mm)

UCS-200 /20